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Books Frontpage Really Learn 100 Phrasal Verbs for business
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  • Pages: 116
  • Format: 23,5x0,4x15,49 cm
  • Edition: 01
  • Language: Castellano.
  • Binding: Tapa blanda o Bolsillo.
  • Weight: 0,30 kg.
  • Really Learn 100 Phrasal Verbs for business

  • 9780194316965
  • Contributor: Dilys Parkinson

  • Each of the 100 phrasal verbs is introduced, explained, and practised in the same way. Page title. This shows the general form of the phrasal verb with important grammatical information. For example, break something down (into something). Study. Example sentences show the usual contexts for the phrasal verb and all the possible grammar patterns. Check. Using the example in the Study box students check they understand the meaning of the verb and the grammar patterns. Practise. 'Exercises' practise using the verb. The answers are in the Reference Key. Build Your Vocabulary. Extra information about the phrasal verb such as related nouns or adjectives, synonyms and opposites, other meanings of the verb, or verbs with similar or related meanings help develop vocabulary. The Revision and Review pages in the centre of the book look at the meaning of the particles used with phrasal verbs or group verbs into themes. Exercises helps students review what they
  • 19,57 USD

  • * Free shipping to US.

  • Not available