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  • CUARTETO Nº4 (C)

  • 9780080034485
  • Contenidos: 1. Rebikov: Bohemian Folk Dance 2. Türk, Daniel Gottlob: ChildrenŽs Song 3. Sugár Rezso: Song 4. Witthauer, Johann Georg: Allegretto 5. Schubert, Franz: Cradle-Song 6. Chinese Folksong 7. Korean Folksong 8. Sugár Rezso: Song and Dance 9. Ismeretlen angol szerzo: Allemande 10. Ismeretlen angol szerzo: Corrento 11. Telemann, Georg Philipp: Minuet 12. Tchaikovsky, P. I.: Old French Song 13. Arányi-Aschner Gy÷rgy: Lullaby 14. Malát,J.: Bohemian Folkdance 15. Ukranian Folksong 16. Mjaszkovszkij, N.: Song on the Meadows 17. Komarovszkij: Russian Folksong 18. Schumann, Robert: About Foreign Countries and Foreign People 19. Mozart, Leopold: Bourrée 20. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Song 21. Scotch Folksong 22. Korean Folksong 23. Hõndel, Georg Friedrich: Variations 24. Bach, Johann Sebastian:Two Minuets 25. Beethoven, Ludwig van: Two German Dances 26. Amirov, F.: Nocturno
  • 28,07 USD

  • * Free shipping to US.

  • Not available