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Books Frontpage MR (I) Touching the Void Pk
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  • Language: Inglés.
  • Binding: Tapa blanda o Bolsillo.
  • Weight: 0,12 kg.
  • Editorial: MACMILLAN
  • MR (I) Touching the Void Pk

  • 9780230533523
  • Authors: Joe Simpson, A Collins, J Simpson

  • I knew that I was going to die and I just wanted everything to be finished. The wind swung me round in a gentle circle. I looked down at the black hole of the crevasse beneath me. It was very big - more than six metres wide - and it stretched all the way along the base of the ice cliff. It lay there, waiting for me to fall into it.;The true story of Joe Simpson?s terrifying climb of the mountain Siula Grande. Touching the Void is a gripping story of human courage and one man?s will to survive.
  • 13,69 USD

  • * Free shipping to US.

  • Not available

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