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Books Frontpage MR (P) Shake Hands Forever Pk
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  • Language: Inglés.
  • Binding: Tapa blanda o Bolsillo.
  • Weight: 0,16 kg.
  • Editorial: MACMILLAN
  • MR (P) Shake Hands Forever Pk

  • 9780230732131
  • Authors: Ruth Rendell [Autor], J Escott [Autor], R Rendell [Autor]

  • The murder of Angela Hathall, in her own home, was very well-planned. The house had been cleaned from top to bottom by Angela herself. There were hardly any clues to her murderer except for a single fingerprint with an "L" shaped scar.;The detective in charge of the case, Reg Wexford, believes that Angela?s husband Robert Hathall killed his wife. Why isn?t Hathall more upset? And why has he moved away to London, to an area where no one knows him? But there is one question which troubles Wexford most of all. Who is the mysterious woman Hathall is seeing? Does she have an L shaped scar on her finger?
  • 20,07 USD

  • * Free shipping to US.

  • Not available

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